A Few Reviews

After a busy weekend (more on that tomorrow), I’m catching up with my emails and am happy to share a few new reviews with you (I’m a terrible poet, and don’t you know it!).

Loose EndsLoose Ends, my erotic romance about a University reunion received a lovely review:

“…Felthouse steamed up the pages for me. This fast-paced novella had me wanting more for Johnathan and Lauren. I would recommend this erotic romance novella to anyone looking for a quickie and pleasurable needs met.” 5 out of 5, CBLS Reviews

Weekend at Wilderhope ManorWeekend at Wilderhope Manor, my Halloween themed erotic tale, received a fab review, and also popped the reviewer’s f/f cherry!

“WaWM is really a fun read, with super hot smexin’, humor and mystery. WaWM gave me an hour of laughs and trying to guess what exactly was going down at the Manor (no pun intended, lol). If you are open minded and want a quick read that will keep you entertained and a little steamed up, give this little mystery a try. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.” 4 out of 5, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

The Best of Lucy FelthouseMy erotic short story collection, The Best of Lucy Felthouse got an awesome review, too!

“The Best Of Lucy Felthouse is a collection of five hot scorching tales of erotic romance where the reader is treated to everything from love to passion and the true strength of lust! This book is not for the faint at heart and is a must read for every lover of this hot genre! And Lucy Felthouse has become just that – a Must-Read for me!” Night Owl Reviews

Happy dancing over here! Not least because my erotic romance novella, Love Through Time will be released later today by Noble Romance. Watch this space for buy links, etc. It’s already on Goodreads, so be sure to add it to your bookshelves!

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