Freaky Friday!

The Cottage in the WoodsWhy freaky, you might ask? Well, it’s because I am in several places at once!

My good buddy Victoria Blisse has me over at her blog today for a Friends Friday piece (though who knows if we’ll still be friends after spending all of tomorrow together, including sharing a hotel room? 😉 ) about igniting the spark – which is a little background behind my latest release, The Cottage in the Woods:

I’m also at the Para Posse blog today, dishing the dirt on The Cottage in the Woods and also running an awesome giveaway – so don’t miss it! FREE books!

And last, but certainly not least, the super Sam Crescent has me on her blog for a Friday teaser (also about The Cottage in the Woods – do you see a pattern emerging?):

Ok, must dash, I have a busy day ahead which includes working, walking the dog, visiting the opticians and packing my bag for Eroticon 2012! Eek!

Keep an eye on the blog for an update on Sunday, as I’m appearing in two places at once then, too. There will be fun, there will be excitement and there will be giveaways – so don’t miss it!

Have a fab weekend, everyone! 😀

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