Whee! Awesome Reviews for Loose Ends and Naughty Delivery

Just as I was starting to flag today, I had two awesome reviews come through and make me happy dance! In brief, here they are:

Loose EndsLoose Ends

“A lovely tale that has history and a future with characters who are not strangers, making it all the more believable and emotional when they finally get it together. I wanted more but I was happy with the outcome, it was after all just a peep into Lauren’s life, one very sexy peep on one very hot night of her life.” 5 out of 5, Happily Ever After Reviews

Bag your copy here.


Naughty DeliveryNaughty Delivery

“The sex scenes are fantastically smutty, no detail is too graphic for this writer and I do enjoy the plethora of emotional/physical detail Lucy Felthouse goes into; it certainly does cause a certain amount of heat to develop under the collar!” 4 out of 5, Scorching Book Reviews

Bag your copy here.


This was just a fly-by post – nose back to the grindstone now! 🙂

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