Full Service History

His long and graceful, yet strong body bent over under the bonnet of my car. He tinkered around, his slim fingers exploring and pulling at pipes and cogs. After a while he exclaimed.

“Ah,” he said, his piercing blue eyes meeting mine, “here’s your problem.”

He proceeded to natter on about fuel pumps or something, I wasn’t really listening. I was checking him out, his blue overalls undone at the top with the sleeves tied around his waist, his tight black t-shirt, his grubby steel – toecapped boots. I’m not usually into dirty men, but this guy was different. He didn’t really look like a mechanic. He was too good-looking, and, well, nice, for starters. I hate garages because the men are usually so patronising to a woman on her own.

“Right then,” I said, “When can you book it in?”

“Um, hang on,” he said, obviously a bit flustered that I’d cut him off mid-sentence, “Come into the office, I’ll have a look in me book.”

As he rummaged in the drawer for his book, I watched him. I could feel my clit twitch as I imagined that stubble grazing my cunt as he licked me out. I thought of my hands in that thick dark hair as he pleasured me. I suddenly became aware that he was speaking to me.

“Hello, anybody there? Are you away with the fairies or what?!”

I flushed, thanking God he couldn’t read my mind.

“I wish I could read your mind, your face was very expressive just then. What were you thinking about? Sex?”

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know?” I retorted.

“Yeah and what’s more I’m going to find out.”

“How could you possibly do that? Hook me up to a lie detector?”

But he wasn’t listening to me now; his back was disappearing out the door. I waited where I was, not knowing what to do. A couple of minutes later he came back, and, flashing a grin said, “Are you ready gorgeous?”

I shrugged. He stood right next to me, and looking me straight in the eyes plunged his freshly washed hand down my trousers. He sought my pussy, and quickly locating it began to stroke.

“So you were thinking about sex then?” he murmured in my ear as he caressed my neck with his free hand.

“What makes you think that?” I said, though I knew full well what the answer was going to be.

“Your pussy is wet, beautiful. Any objections to me getting a closer look?” I shook my head, and he pulled down my trousers. His office door was wide open; anyone coming into the garage would have seen everything. But I didn’t care; I was as horny as hell and desperate for his cock.

I gasped as his tongue contacted my skin. His fingers parted my pussy lips to give him better access to my clit. By this point it was swollen and sensitive to the touch. He lapped away at my cunt, and I tangled my hands in his hair, exactly as I’d been daydreaming about it. Then he added a couple of fingers into my wet hole to add to the pleasure. He finger fucked me whilst sucking and licking my clit, until I could feel my body tingle and my juices covered his hand and face. He rose, towering over me. He leant down to kiss me, and I could taste my love juices as his tongue explored my mouth.

Suddenly, his big hands grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the desk. He pulled my trousers and pants right off, then undid his overalls, then the fly of the jeans he was wearing underneath. His rock hard cock sprung out, seeping pre-cum. I wanted to touch it but before I could move he had a condom on and was sliding into my pussy, slowly, teasingly. I grabbed his arms to steady myself and his biceps flexed. Ooh I loved the feel of his big hard muscles, not to mention his big hard cock. As he plunged in and out of my wet hole, I rose my hips to meet his.

We were fucking hard, skin slapping together hard with the pressure. His huge dick was filling me and I savoured every solid inch as he pounded me. After a while he began to breathe heavily and he slowed to a halt and he moaned loudly as he shot his load. I felt his dick twitch with release, prompting a moan from myself. He collapsed onto me, and we lay panting for a while before straightening ourselves up.

Of course I got my car fixed. And I never though I would hear myself say this, but I can’t wait until it goes wrong again!

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