Anita and Angie Get Wet

Anita and Angie Get Wet


F/F Erotica


An Xcite Books collection of five lesbian erotic stories with mixed themes including f/f, contemporary, BDSM, fem dom and rubenesque.

Anita and Angie Get Wet by Alex Jordaine

The last thing Angie wants to do on this rainy night is visit her stepmother, a woman she can’t stand. Angie’s lover, Anita, taunts and teases her unmercifully with lurid accounts of the raunchy things she’ll be doing in Angie’s absence. Angie becomes thoroughly juiced-up as a result of Anita’s efforts, as indeed does Anita herself. Angie wonders desperately if there might be a way she can get out of the visit she’s dreading and instead stay in and have hot sex with Anita. Her lover shows her the way – outrageously.

Lucky Charm by Kate Dominic

When it’s ten below, where would you rather be – shopping for pretty things or out on the ice while your sporty girlfriend indulges in a spot of competitive fishing? Luckily, there are ways a pampered princess can heat up even the coldest places, and prove she’s Maribelle’s lucky charm in more ways than one.

Fine Print by Emma Lydia Bates

Getting lost coming out of a meeting leads Lily unexpectedly into a beautiful but dilapidated room that’s being restored. It isn’t the room that interests her though, but the woman redecorating it. When the door is locked behind her, it’s the cue for Lily’s most private fantasies to be explored.

A  Change of Heart by Lucy Felthouse

When Alexis’ friend Kelly asks her to go to an aerobics class with her, she’s dead set against the idea. Kelly’s very persuasive, though, and eventually Alexis gives in. Once there, she immediately feels out of place amongst all the skinny, attractive girls in their tiny outfits. The instructor, Zoe, is even worse. With her athletic figure, bouncy ponytail and gorgeous smile, she’s perfection personified, and she makes Alexis sick. There’s no way she’s going to come back to the class – it’s just not for her. After meeting Zoe properly, though, Alexis has a sudden change of heart.

Back to Square One by Angel Propps

A young woman from a small town finds out making it in the big city and making the grade at her university is not as hard as she thought it would be after she steals a coat belonging to womanising professor Louise Hall. Louise tracks her quarry through the crowded city streets and when she catches her she gives her a tough lesson in public sex and submission, but she is about to learn a lesson of her own because her prey is a hunter too and she knows just how to snare the elusive Louise.

These stories have also been published in Lipstick Lovers.


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Alexis had taken some serious persuading to go to the local aerobics class. Her friend Kelly had laid on the guilt trips and nagged her until eventually, Alexis had given in. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do any exercise – hell, she was desperate to lose a few pounds and tone up – it was just that she hated the idea of jumping around in a room full of skinny women in lycra. Alexis wasn’t comfortable in that kind of clothing due to her size and she knew that if she turned up in tracksuit bottoms and a loose fitting t-shirt, she’d stand out like a sore thumb. However, Kelly had worn her down and so she went, and that was the outfit she wore.

Sure enough, she was the only woman there who wasn’t wearing skin tight clothing. Even Kelly – fucking traitor – had totally dressed for the occasion in a sporty crop top and tiny shorts. But then she had the figure for it. Alexis looked around, shaking her head. It was odd, every woman in the room had a body to die for and yet they were all attending an aerobics class. Alexis was the only person, in her opinion, that needed to be there and yet she felt as awkward as fuck. Still, she’d promised Kelly that she’d give it a try and so she’d stick it out. For the first session, at least. She doubted she’d want to return for another one.

When the instructor walked into the mirrored room, Alexis rolled her eyes. The woman was flawless. She had the prerequisite athletic figure, wore all the right clothes and her bouncy countenance was topped off by an equally bouncy pony tail. She was enough to make the less-than-flawless Alexis feel sick. Or at the very least, completely inadequate. Kelly nudged Alexis as she muttered to herself about “fucking princesses.”

“Shut up,” said Kelly, “she’ll hear you.”

“Whatever. This better be good. If I don’t look like her by the end of the session, I’m outta here.”

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