Paranormal Erotica


An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with supernatural and paranormal themes.


Libby is a thirtysomething vampire, happily married to her husband, Travis. Travis and Libby have decided to take the ultimate plunge and make Travis a vampire. Of course, there are rules and regulations as to how the process is to be completed, including a hotel suite into which few would ever be granted entry. To Libby’s initial dismay, the rules also include taking a more natural and sexual approach …

Remembering Adelaide

Myles and Chad are the Odd Couple of collegiate life. Myles never gets any action while his friend is a sex magnet who takes conquests for granted. When a mysterious invitation arrives shortly before Halloween, Chad sees an opportunity to fix up Myles with some overdue fun. A gorgeous and randy woman answers the door of a presumably haunted house and it is Myles who outshines Chad’s performance for a change. What begins as an intoxicating ménage party will end in a night of shameless decadence… and haunting memories for the boys.

I Am the Moon

For two weeks, Rebecca has felt compelled to prowl the natural history section of the museum in search of wolf fur to wrap herself in. As her hunger intensifies, she loses control and is found indulging in her fantasies on an ancient pelt by a mysterious security guard. He takes her to his lair where Rebecca witnesses just how feral her desires can be …

Innocent Demon

Father Andreas is the preeminent exorcist in Italy, but his abilities are put to the ultimate test when a beautiful young nun becomes possessed by a powerful and lust-driven demon. In the priest’s absence, all the other exorcists fail to banish the entity, so Father Andreas must dare to take an unorthodox approach to rid her of it. But can he remove this evil sexual force without giving in to his passion for her? Or is that her only hope for salvation?

Unfinished Business

When Caitlin wakes up in a chapel of rest, she doesn’t feel any different from when she went to sleep. Which is bizarre, considering she’s stone cold dead, with no idea what happened, or why. Leaving her body behind, Caitlin goes in search of answers and ends up visiting her on-off boyfriend, Jacob, for a mind-blowing reunion which soon becomes their final, heart-rending goodbye.

These stories have also been published in Dead Sexy by Xcite Books


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When Caitlyn first woke up, she didn’t notice anything amiss. It was only when she simultaneously stretched and opened her eyes that she realised something wasn’t right. For starters, she wasn’t in the same place she’d gone to bed. Blinking, she looked around the room and sleepily wondered if she’d been kidnapped by a vicar.

She was in some kind of church. There were candelabras and flower arrangements dotted around, and despite the depressing music emanating from somewhere, it was incredibly peaceful. Looking down, Caitlyn got two shocks. One, she was in a coffin and two, she appeared to be both sitting up and lying down at the same time. Suddenly, she felt very awake.

The lying down Caitlyn had her eyes closed and looked even paler than usual. The sitting up Caitlyn’s brain finally caught up and realised what had happened. To her credit, she didn’t freak out. She figured that although it sucked that she was dead at 25, if she was lying in a chapel of rest, there wasn’t really a lot she could do about it.

What Caitlyn couldn’t understand was that physically, she didn’t feel any different. Frowning, she pinched herself. Fuck, that hurt! So she could feel herself, and yet she was sitting not on, but inside her own body, as though she had no physical form.

Curiouser and curiouser, Caitlyn thought, in true Alice in Wonderland style. Then she decided that sitting around in a coffin wasn’t really a very fun way of spending her afterlife, so she clambered out. She had no idea whether anyone would be able to see her or not, but she was still relieved to note that she was wearing clothes and shoes. Glancing back towards the coffin, she noted they were the same ones she was to be buried in, apparently. Caitlyn figured it could be worse. At least she wasn’t doomed to wander around in a ghastly white nightie, like those old fashioned ghosts.

Ghosts. Now the word had entered her conscious thought, Caitlyn took the time to think about it. There was no questioning the fact that that’s exactly what she was, given she was standing there and her body was stiff and cold in a coffin across the room. Shaking herself, Caitlyn refused to let herself get all maudlin about it. Like she’d already surmised, there was bugger all she could do, so she may as well get on with it. Maybe she’d find out why she was still here.

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