Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Lover


Chocolate Lover is a collection of five erotic stories featuring full-figured fabulousness! They’re taken from Ultimate Curves.

Chocolate Lover by Victoria Blisse

When it’s a young lady’s birthday a husband usually brings her some flowers and some dainty little treats. But there’s really only one way to satisfy a full bodied woman who’s not only a chocoholic but who is also a hungry cockoholic, and that is with a perfect replica made from the finest Belgian sweet.

Meeting My Husband Again by Deva Shore

Home is the sailor, and for Melissa the two year absence of her husband John has led to her coming to terms with her own feelings about her body. No longer supermodel thin after the birth of their first child, she finds she has no desire to go back to her Size 8 self. Her only worry is how John will react to her new-found bountiful body.

Fashionably Late by Heidi Champa

It’s party time, and hosts Sarah and James are getting ready to meet and greet their guests. But Sarah’s failing self confidence is causing her no end of problems, and some serious doubts as to what to wear. Thankfully James knows just the right course of therapy to cure her of her self doubt

A Lucky Man by Lucy Felthouse

It’s an awful lot like Christmas, isn’t it? That’s usually the time when you just cannot decide whether you’d really prefer a leg, or a nice mouthful of breast. And even admiring a round and firm parson’s nose only distracts you all the more, making it difficult for you to try and explain why you feel so bad about having to choose just the one to enjoy.

The Beautiful Move in Curves by Elizabeth Black

There is only one thing more exciting than convention sex, and that is getting some before you set off to the convention itself. Olivia is off to a weekend Science Fiction convention to meet Jeremy for the first time in the flesh. She sent him a photo beforehand, but she’s still worried he won’t find her more fuller figure attractive in real life. Thankfully Kevin is on hand to reassure her, and to get her motor humming before she’s even made it to the registration desk!


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A Lucky Man

As a guy, I’m occasionally asked – are you a leg, breast or a bum man? My usual reply is a smile and a shrug. Perhaps I’m then mistaken for a homosexual, because my response generally makes the poser of the question walk away in disgust.
It’s not that I don’t like women; far from it. It’s just that I don’t know the answer to that particular question. It shouldn’t be such a difficult question, I know that. The problem is I like all three. So much so that I can’t even begin to choose between them.

I like my women voluptuous. So to be asked to pick a favourite from an ample pair of breasts, spilling out from a corset, a fine ass in a figure hugging pair of jeans, or a sturdy pair of thighs capable of… well, use your imagination – it’s just impossible.

I have a lady. I’ve actually just described her pretty well. She has the most magnificent pair of tits I’ve ever seen. I’m not a small chap and yet her breasts more than fill my hands as I knead, pinch and slap them. Likewise with her ass. Firm yet pliable, I love nothing more than to grab great handfuls of her bottom as we kiss, pulling her to me so our bodies mash together. Her thighs also drive me wild with desire. Those milky-white expanses of skin hold so much promise. They’re capable of turning me into a pile of mush as she grips, tenses and bounces on me when we make love.

But I couldn’t pick a favourite of the three. Her lovely legs, breasts and bum are part of her, they make her what she is. And I desire her more than anything. My sexy lady.

She is sexy, you know. She never believes me when I tell her, but she is. I look at her, with her long, wavy chestnut hair, impish grin and startling green eyes, and I want her. Those stick-thin models and celebrities with jutting bones and concave tummies do nothing for me. Give me my beautiful shapely lady any day.

I love nothing more than to lie her down on our bed and worship her. I’ll kiss her until we’re both panting with lust, and then I’ll start to remove her clothes. I start somewhere different each time, just so she doesn’t know exactly what to expect. My favourite, though, is starting from her feet.

Say she’s dressed casually, a jeans and t-shirt ensemble. I’ll remove her socks, caressing her feet as they are revealed. I’ll then slide a hand up each of her trouser legs, my fingers gliding along her smooth calf muscles. She always complains that they’re too big and that she can’t get long boots to fit, but I think it’s nonsense. No skin and bone here, just beautifully smooth skin and nicely tapered ankles, perfect for locking together around my back as we make love. I don’t know what she’s complaining about. Crazy woman.

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