Explicit Encounters: Sex When You Shouldn’t

Explicit Encounters


Have you ever had sex when you shouldn’t? Or where you shouldn’t or even with someone you shouldn’t? Why is it so much more fun than having sex when you should? 20 stories about giving in to temptation. What could be naughtier than seducing a man on your wedding night – who isn’t your husband? Or changing your sexual preferences just for one night? Or even indulging yourself in your naughtiest fantasy fetish, knowing you could be caught at any moment?

My story Oh, Brother! about a girl and her illicit affair with her best friend’s brother features in this anthology.


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I wasn’t being entirely unselfish when I’d offered to give Marc a lift to his sister’s housewarming party. His sister, Rebecca, was my best friend and she’d recently bought a place with her bloke, Paul. She’d asked me if I could help out with the move and great friend that I am, I’d said yes. When I got to her old house to start packing boxes, I had the shock of my life.

Rebecca’s younger brother, Marc, walked into the front room carrying something. That in itself wasn’t shocking, of course, but I still felt my jaw gape unbecomingly. The last time I’d seen him he’d been about eleven years old. He’d also had a crush on me, which at seventeen I’d found hilarious and gross all at once.

Now I found I was the one with the crush. At nineteen years of age, Marc had grown up into an incredibly good-looking guy. Gorgeous, actually. He was wearing low cut jeans and a tight vest, which showed off his fit body to perfection. Rebecca had gone off to make some drinks, so I found myself having a good old gawp at his muscular biceps and broad shoulders as he bent to put his burden down.

I averted my eyes as he stood up and walked over to me, smiling. He bent to press a kiss on my cheek. “Hi, Lara. How are you? I haven’t seen you in years! You look great.”

“I’m good thanks,” I said, a little flustered from his proximity, not to mention the compliment. “How about you? I can’t believe how much you’ve changed. You were just a kid the last time I saw you.”

“And now I’m towering over you. Did you stop growing, or something?” He teased me good-naturedly, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief. I punched him on the arm.

“Shut it you. You’re never too old for a slap.”

“Ooh, yes please!”

The banter had continued all day, only wandering into flirt territory when Rebecca was out of earshot. It hadn’t gotten overly racy, but it was obvious there was something between us. I just didn’t know how long we’d be able to ignore it.

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