Flogging Scarlet

Flogging Scarlet


eBook containing five of the stories from Best of Both, including mine – Sofa, So Good.

A collection of five erotic stories with bisexual and menage themes.

Flogging Scarlet by Athena Marie

She had never wanted a woman before. She had never wanted to be in control. Then she meets Scarlet, the submissive fetish model whose raw sexuality inspires unfamiliar desires. When Scarlet asks her if she is bisexual she responds that she doesn’t know. Scarlet proves that even a submissive can be an excellent teacher.

Playing with Amy by Kay Jaybee

When Lee’s mobile rings halfway through his morning’s work, he assumes Jen just wants a chat. He can’t believe it when Jen tells him she has a gorgeous naked girl tied up in her lounge, pleading to be played with by both of them; and if Lee doesn’t get there soon, she’ll start without him.

Stunned that Jen has found a woman to live out their mutual erotic fantasy, to willingly be their sex toy for a day; Lee rushes to join them. The moment Lee arrives, he and Jen waste no time before they start playing with Amy…

If the Shoe Fits by Beverly Langland

To the outside world Charles and Martina are an enigma. A distinguished older man with a young woman usually means one thing. Yet, things are not always how they appear. Despite her youth Martina is a woman with a colourful past, some would say well-travelled. Full of insecurities and jealousy, she is a vain wildcat from a privileged upbringing, rescued from the slums of Rio. Charles likes order, where Martina is chaos. To curb her excesses, Charles has to enforce some obedience. Just as well then that Martina likes the fiery heat of a good spanking.

Sofa, So Fun by Lucy Felthouse

After a heavy night drinking, best friends Kristin and Shayna share an intimate conversation where Shayna admits she’s always been attracted to her friend. Shocked, Kristin doesn’t know how to react. But when she opens her mind to the possibility, she discovers the thought of having sex with Shayna makes her horny in a way she’s never experienced before. As the girls get down and dirty, they’re completely unaware that Kristin’s husband, Dan, has come downstairs and is watching them. What’s more, he wants to join in…

Two Girls, One Cop by Elizabeth Coldwell

Fiona and Janice are on the trip of a lifetime, cruising across the Nevada desert in a cool Chevy convertible. When they’re pulled over for speeding by a traffic cop with his own unique idea of how to enforce authority, their holiday really becomes one to remember…

These stories have also been published in Best of Both ISBN 9781907761669


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Sofa, So Fun

Rubbing her eyes blearily, Kristin shuffled into her slippers and crept from the bedroom, careful not to wake her husband. Chance would be a fine thing, she thought. Dan slept like the dead and was currently snoring loudly enough to wake the aforementioned deceased.

Padding down the stairs, Kristin cursed herself inwardly for not taking a glass of water to bed. That would teach her to get tiddly and forget all about it. Smiling, she decided it had been worth it. The evening had been a success; lots of friends getting together for a catch up with a few drinks and a takeaway.

Some of the guests had been more drunk than others. In fact, there was evidence of this on the couch. Kristin peered over the back of the sofa to check on her friend Shayna. She’d recently been through a messy break up, which explained the excessive drinking. Poor girl. Still, Kristin thought, at least she’s here and not gone off with some bloke to do heaven-knows-what on the rebound.

As she stood at the kitchen sink filling her glass, Kristin thought she heard Shayna stirring. She finished what she was doing and went back into the living room to make sure she was OK.

Shayna was fine; she was just tossing and turning a little in her sleep. Kristin decided to stay for a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t having a nightmare or something. Waking up and forgetting where she was certainly wouldn’t help.

Sitting on the chair opposite the couch, Kristin sipped her water and studied her friend in the darkness. Naturally she couldn’t see much, but she could see that the other girl’s top had ridden up, exposing an expanse of pale stomach. Kristin prodded and squeezed her own tummy resentfully, wishing it was as flat and toned as her friend’s. The curse of a long-term relationship, Kristin mused. Getting too comfortable and not exercising enough!

She was just about to head back to bed when Shayna fidgeted again. This time it dislodged the blanket Kristin had put over her when she’d settled her in for the night. She moved to pull it back up the other girl’s body when she noticed something. Shayna’s right hand was inside the waistband of her borrowed pyjamas and was moving in a tell-tale fashion.

Wide-eyed, Kristin watched as Shayna apparently masturbated in her sleep. Suddenly, Shayna started making very sexy, aroused-sounding noises. If at first Kristin hadn’t been sure what her friend was doing, she was now. Kristin felt like a rabbit caught in headlights. She didn’t know whether to just go away and pretend it had never happened, stop her or wake her up.

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