It’s A Girl Thing

It's A Girl Thing


F/F Erotica


A collection of five lustful lesbian shorts involving; a secret crush, a body modification and a chocolate fountain. 

Escaping Mundanity – Kev ‘Mitnik’ Blisse
Kelly wants to escape the monotony of the daily grind, the 9 to 5 routine had gotten old quickly. Life with her boyfriend is getting dull and she just needs something more. Enter the vivacious Tracey who turns her world upside down.

Leaving Minnesota – Olivia London
Midwestern girl finds love – and great sex – en route to San Francisco.

After the Night Out – Scarlett Knight
Cara has kept her crush on friend Rene a total secret. But when she and Rene return to Cara’s place after a night of partying, their friendship takes a steamy turn as their true feelings for one another come out.

Dip It Low – Lucy Felthouse
Jane is a waitress, and has been left cleaning up the mess after a high-society party in a stately home. She’s still not done when her girlfriend, Shelley, turns up to drive her home. Inviting her girlfriend in to wait, she’s happy to receive the offer of Shelley’s help tidying up. However, it seems Shelley’s in a mischievous mood, and when she spots the chocolate fountain in the middle of the banqueting table, their dull task quickly turns into sexy fun.

A Tongue Ridden Affair – V.C
A woman learns just how enjoyable and memorable body modification can be when she meets a like-minded female with a unique feature and the moment is etched on her mind forever.


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Jane’s mobile rang, stopping her in her tracks as she went to grab another pile of plates to load into the dishwasher. She wouldn’t normally answer it at work, but her employers had gone up to bed in another wing of the great house. Plus, the phone call, she knew, was her lift home.


“Hey babe, it’s me. How do I get into this bloody place? These gates look pretty impenetrable to me.”

“Oh, shit,” Jane giggled at her girlfriend, Shelley’s, words. “Hang on, I’ll come and buzz you in.”

Heading out of the banqueting hall she’d been cleaning up, she made for the front door and the panel next to it which could be used to allow visitors through the security gates at the end of the drive. A camera was trained on the area just beyond said gates, and on the screen, Jane could see Shelley sitting in the car, drumming on the steering wheel, something she did a lot when she was bored or impatient.

Pressing the button, Jane watched on screen as the gates swung open and Shelley drove the car through the gap and out of sight. After a beat, she selected the option to close the gates again, then opened the front door. She wasn’t worried about Lord and Lady McNab seeing—they’d seemed pretty wrapped up in each other when they’d bid her goodnight. Plus, all she was doing was letting her girlfriend in to wait while she finished up. If they hadn’t been so short-staffed for the evening, it would all be done by now and she would have cadged a lift with one of the other waiters or waitresses. But things had overrun, everyone else had cried off the clean up claiming other responsibilities, which left Jane. She’d been a little miffed—no, a lot, actually—but when the McNabs had seen what happened, they’d promised her a nice bonus for being so helpful and staying when everyone else had scarpered. So it wasn’t all bad.

Waiting as Shelley pulled the car up next to the house, yanked on the handbrake and killed the engine, Jane was suddenly eager to have her girl up close and personal. It had been a very busy, not to mention somewhat traumatic, evening. It turned out when you put a bunch of posh people in a room with a chocolate fountain and alcohol, things got hot and heavy. For them, anyway. Jane had spent a great deal of the time with her gaze firmly averted, and still she’d seen enough toff flesh to last a lifetime—and then some. She needed a hug from her girl, to have her whisper sweet nothings into her ear and soothe the horrible day away. That and make the rest of it go more quickly.

After what felt like an age, Shelley exited the car, grinning. “Hey babe,” she said, crunching up the gravel driveway and climbing the steps to the front door. “How’s it going?”

“Ugh,” Jane said, waving a hand. “Don’t ask. Just come here.” Reaching out, she grabbed Shelley’s wrist and tugged her in through the door, then directly into her arms. Planting a kiss on Shelley’s lips, Jane immediately felt better. To her, her girlfriend was a natural high, something that made her sublimely happy and yet was still good for her, and not illegal. Who needed drugs or booze when you had a girlfriend as smokin’ hot as Shelley?

“Oh, wow,” Shelley said when they parted. “Did you, uh, miss me or something?”

Closing the front door, Jane headed back into the banqueting hall, throwing her reply over her shoulder. “Maybe. Why do you ask?”

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