Passionate Kisses

Passionate Kisses


F/F Erotica


Contains my story, Back for Good.

A lifetime of love can begin with one kiss. Soaring with romance, these stories of couple coming together is sexy sweet. Author Kristina Wright, a favorite of fans all over for her erotic romance, gathers a set of stories founded on fantasies of adventure, true love, and a happy ending. A compelling collection of meet-cutes, head-over-heels new couples and long-time loves unite in the best kind of bed-time reading, the kind that inspires more happy endings!

A kiss is just a kiss . . . but a passionate kiss can set your soul on fire! Edited by award-winning romance author Kristina Wright, and with stories by Christine d’Abo, Tamsin Flowers, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sommer Marsden, and 15 other top erotic romance authors, Passionate Kisses is an anthology packed with romantic, passionate, meant-to-be-shared stories that capture the wild and wicked fantasies of couples in love. Let these authors of love and desire warm up your winter with the sweetest, most luscious stories about — and for — lovers!


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Anthea got ready for her twelve-year school reunion with not a small amount of reluctance. Just a week ago she’d been excited to go, delighted to turn up and meet all her old school buddies and exchange stories about how they were getting on now. She had the job of her dreams—an excellent position in social work, where she was rising rapidly up the ranks—and the man of her dreams. That was, until they’d gotten into a blazing row over the most ridiculous of things—her buying him some new clothes for the reunion.

“I don’t need you to buy me clothes. I’m not five years old, and you’re not my mother.” Jason had said.

“That’s very ungrateful. I’m not trying to be your mother—God forbid—I was just trying to be nice, to treat you to something and save you going shopping.”

“And what’s wrong with the stuff I’ve already got?” He’d marched over to the wardrobe and flung open the doors. “I’ve got plenty of clothes, see?”

“I know, I just thought it would be nice if you had something new.”

“Had something new…” He’d paused. “Oh, I get it. You want me in a posh new outfit to make sure I look presentable, impressive. Good enough to meet all the people you went to school with. People, I might add, that you’ve never seen or spoken to—bar the prerequisite ‘happy birthday’ messages on Facebook—since you left school. Not exactly your best friends, are they? And yet you’re still concerned what they’ll think, and what they’ll say, and apparently, I’m not up to scratch.” He’d slammed the wardrobe shut and strode past her.
“Jase, wait. Please. You’ve got it all wrong…” She hadn’t said anything else, couldn’t, because she knew he was right. Maybe it had been subconscious, and she certainly hadn’t meant to upset him, but she had.

He’d gone out for an hour—for a walk, presumably, as he took nothing but a house key—and then came back and packed a bag. Nothing she said would change his mind, and only the fact that he’d taken a small bag made her feel slightly better. Reassured her that it wasn’t permanent, that he’d come back. Phoning and texting him garnered no response, so she decided to just leave it alone and hope he’d calm down enough to talk to her.

Now, a week later, he still hadn’t contacted her and she was really worried. She knew he was okay—mutual friends had assured her of that—but any time they’d ever argued in the past, they’d always sorted it out within a couple of days at the most. This time it had clearly hurt him incredibly badly, and she didn’t know if he was still calming down, or if he’d made the decision to leave her for good.
There was no way of her finding out as he still wouldn’t answer her texts and calls, so she did her best to stop thinking about it. She couldn’t forget entirely, of course, but she stomped the unpleasant thoughts and feelings deep down inside herself and continued getting ready for her night out. With any luck, she’d end up in a conversation so interesting, so juicy that she’d forget about her own problems, even if it was only for the evening.

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