The Look of Lust

The Look of Lust


I actually have two sexy stories in this collection – the other being Spa Daze which is under a pseudonym, Louisa Harvey.

A collection of six erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

The Look Of Lust by Jade Taylor
This is the story of Kate, whose previously sexually-charged relationship with Nate appears to have gone off the boil, so she decides to spice things up a little by getting some sexy photos taken for him. She gets more spice than she reckoned with when she meets stylist, Alex, and photographer, Joe, a wife and husband team who specialise in intimate photo sessions. As they try to make the photos sexy the erotic positioning and caresses become something a whole lot more …

Farm Hand by Lucy Felthouse
When Ramona’s walking route takes her through a farmyard, she’s pleasantly surprised to note the farmer is far from the gruff old man she’d expected. Watching his muscular form heft bales of hay sends her libido into overdrive. Faking an injury, Ramona gets the hunk’s attention. His hands-on assistance results in some rough and tumble in the barn and sends her on her way with her sex drive well and truly satiated – and that particular walking route well and truly on her favourites list.

Come Between Us by Lynn Lake
When Vanessa arrives home early from work and finds her husband eating out their babysitter, Tina, in the swimming pool, by all rights she should storm over and confront the wanton pair. But she doesn’t. She watches, taking pleasure from the scorchingly erotic scene. Only later does she break down with the realisation of what’s happened, and what she’s done. But Tina is there to comfort her, as well. It seems the gorgeous young hussy is equally as adept at seducing wives, as she is husbands.

Eighteen Wheels To Ecstasy by Arlie MacGregor
On her way to a business meeting, a female executive takes a wrong turn and has to rely on a truck driver for directions. The instructions he gives her though, take her to a destination she didn’t know existed. For a woman who is used to being in charge, giving up control to a total stranger is an intoxicating freedom.

Bound And Free by Victoria Blisse
During a frank discussion in bed with her boyfriend, Lisa is finally able to admit that she is turned on by the idea of being bound. He instantly indulges her fantasy and she discovers there’s lots of fun to be had when your hands are tied!

Spa Daze by Louisa Harvey
When Claire visits the health spa, she’s expecting a relaxing – yet uneventful – day. However, when hot sports masseuse Jackson catches her misbehaving in the Jacuzzi, her relaxing day turns into a knicker-wetting, pulse-pounding erotic adventure. Sweaty fun with hunky Jackson in the steam room gives Claire the best therapy a girl can have.


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Extract from Farm Hand

As Ramona made her way down the gravel track, she spotted some farm buildings. Glancing down at her map, she nodded. Her route would take her right through the farm yard and then the public footpath continued over a stile into the adjacent field.

She just hoped she didn’t meet any hostile dogs. Or geese. She shuddered. Geese could be vicious creatures.

As she grew closer to the yard, Ramona could see someone hefting bales of hay off a truck. She sighed with relief. At least the farmer would be able to control any unruly animals.

As he turned to place a bale on the ground, Ramona saw the man in profile. He was younger than she’d expected. Much younger, in fact. As his powerful body moved beneath his clothes, Ramona watched, open-mouthed. All thoughts of scary dogs and geese were erased from her mind. She was still drawing closer to him, though her steps were stealthier now. Ramona didn’t want him to know she was there just yet. She was enjoying the flex of his muscles far too much to want to disturb him.

By now, Ramona was close enough to make out his features. Mmm, she thought, he is absolutely not your typical farmer. This guy is hotter than the surface of the sun.

Stopping, Ramona stood at the end of the lane, still within the cover of the trees and hedges lining it. The farmer continued working, his big body heaving the hay around as though it were feathers. It didn’t look as though anyone else was around. He unloaded the lorry without pausing. The only telltale sign of his exertion was the sweep of his sleeve across his forehead, mopping up the sweat that threatened to trickle down his face.

Ramona was in danger of some trickling of her own, only much lower down. Then, just as she thought she’d better get on with her walk, the farmer stopped. Ramona froze, thinking he’d seen her lurking in the shadowy lane. He hadn’t. It appeared the beating sun and his workload were getting to him.

Grabbing the hem of his shirt, he tugged it up over his head, then balled it up and tossed it into the cab of the truck. Ramona suppressed a lusty moan. Hotter than the surface of the sun had been a completely apt description.

The farmer’s long lean body tapered down into narrow hips, from which hung loose combat trousers. They were slung so low that she could see the line of dark hair running from his bellybutton southwards.

Completely oblivious to his appreciative audience, the farmer carried on with what he’d been doing. Now he was moving the bales into a nearby barn. Ramona drank in his every detail; the dusting of dark hair on his broad chest, his muscular arms, handsome face and ohhh — she bit her lip as he bent over — his tight ass.

Any minute now and his wife was going to come out with a cool drink, Ramona was sure of it. There was no way a man this attractive hadn’t been snapped up. She waited. Nobody came.

By now, Ramona was getting really rather agitated. Her lusty behaviour meant the gusset of her knickers was wet. It stuck to her skin, and her pussy ached. She stuffed her hand between her thighs and squeezed them together, hoping the friction would provide some relief. It didn’t.

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“The 6 short stories were hot, you better have a fan handy. Each author does a great job getting the reader into the story and mad with desire.  Each story has a different element, cheating, pictures, bondage and more.  If you are looking for a hot read this is it.” 5 out of 5, The Pen & Muse Book Reviews