Bone Crossed – Patricia Briggs

I picked up this book on the strength of reading Patricia Briggs’ story in the On the Prowl anthology. I thought her writing was superb and wanted to read more of it. However, I wish I’d picked up a different book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book but I think I really missed out, not having read this series from the beginning.

Bone Crossed is the fourth book in the Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson books. Mercy is a car mechanic and a shapeshifter – so certainly not a typical woman. She’s dating the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, lives with another werewolf and is good friends with vampires, fae and other magical creatures. A quiet life is just not possible – particularly when she finds out her garage has been vandalised.

There are several potential culprits, but perhaps the scariest one of them all is the vampire queen. She’s discovered that Mercy killed one of her followers and is not happy. Mercy is officially on her hit list. Luckily, she’s a strong, independent woman with good friends around her. Somehow they’ll find a way to resolve this peacefully – they hope.

Bone Crossed is a good read and the characters are extremely likeable. But I just felt like I’d missed out by not knowing their history. I’ll definitely be resolving this by going back and starting from the beginning of the series – and I’d recommend you do the same, rather than starting in the middle. It works OK as a standalone book, but you’ll notice the holes in your knowledge not having read the other books.

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