Past Pleasures – Charlotte Stein

Sci-fi isn’t really my bag, so I admit I was a little worried when I started to read this novella by Charlotte Stein. Everything else I’ve read by Ms. Stein I’ve loved, so figured it was only fair to give Past Pleasures a go.

And whaddya know? I’m glad I did. Yes, it’s sci-fi as it’s all about the future and space travel. But there are no aliens wandering around that we’re supposed to believe that our heroine wants to have sex with. No, the main gal, whose name is Kate, arrives in the future on a time-travel experiment and finds… men.

Startled, slightly peculiar men. But men all the same. And the main reason they’re peculiar is because the world has changed beyond all recognition. In the year 2033, there are no women. Literally. So when Kate turns up, naturally the guys she encounters are incredibly curious about her. However, when the curiosity starts to abate, the horniness begins… and Kate’s quite happy to teach Aley and Tem everything they would never know.

Despite my initial misgivings, I really enjoyed this novella. It’s a lot more believable than you’d expect and the characters are adorable, particularly the men from the future. The sex is tentative but hot, and Past Pleasures turned out to be a breath of fresh air through my contemporary- and vampire-smut filled Kindle.

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