The Undoing of Langston Black – T. Harrison

On reading the blurb of this novella, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It sounded very much like a crime story and I wondered how the erotica was going to fit into it. However, as soon as I started reading, I got it.

The underlying theme of this story is lust. Langston lusts after a girl called Sonrisa, which means smile. Unfortunately, it’s something she very rarely does. It doesn’t matter to Langston. He wants her, and despite her standoffish attitude, he’s pretty sure she feels the same.

Soon, however, he finds out she hasn’t been completely truthful with him. And thus begins his undoing. From a chance meeting on a train to a police interview room, the constant in Langston Black’s life is the depth of his feelings for the girl who put him there. And despite what’s she done, he’ll always feel the same.

As I said, this book wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s not pure erotica – it has an overlying crime theme with a strong undercurrent of lust and deception. All in all it’s a very seductive and captivating read with some dark themes.

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