25% off Ravenous Romance Titles at All Romance eBooks!

Brick Dust & BedspringsNaughty DeliveryWow! The last two weeks had Resplendence Publishing titles with 25% off, and the next two weeks has Ravenous Romance books with the same deal! So now you can buy two of my short stories, which were already bargains, for even less!

Brick Dust & Bedsprings is a super hot threesome story about a woman who has builders in doing her drive. They’re two incredibly sexy men, and it seems they think the same about her. Let’s just say one thing leads to another, and leave it at that. You’ll have to read the story to see what happens. Here’s the link.

Naughty Delivery is a BDSM short story. It’s about a couple who order some sex toys over the internet. When they arrive, they’re astonished to find that instead of the items they ordered, they’ve received something considerably more kinky. But they append the rule of waste not, want not, and end up having a spanking good time! Here’s the link.

You can grab Brick Dust & Bedsprings and Naughty Delivery from All Romance eBooks until the 15th September with 25% off!

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