4 Fairies for A Menu with a Difference

A Menu with a DifferenceI’m still wading through my inbox on my return from my holiday (as well as being unable to reply cos my email server is crap!) but I came across this awesome review of A Menu with a Difference which certainly made the email traumas easier to bear:

“Jed and Annette have a very open relationship so when they are both attracted to the same woman they decide to go for it and invite her back to their hotel for a little fun. This story was a great quick read filled with lust from all three parties. Though its a short story I got a good sense of each of the characters in the short time I was reading them. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books with a little bit of discovery with their lust.”

The review was from JBP Reviews and they scored it 4 fairies (out of 5).

Bag this hot f/f/m threesome tale here.


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