A Fascinating Discovery – Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

As hinted in my post “Temporary Crystal Tattoos Are For the Faint Hearted” the other day, my quest of discovery also ended up with me stumbling across non piercing nipple jewelry. Such is the Internet. Now, unlike my occasional wish to get a tattoo, I’ve never wanted to get my nipples pierced, and I still don’t. It suits some people, sure, but it’s just not for me. Plus I have my ears and belly button pierced, and that’s quite enough. At least people can see my ears.

However, since I’m quite an inquisitive person, I ended up following links all over NippleCharms.com and spent some time looking around the non piercing nipple jewelry section. I have to admit, I was impressed. I had no idea that these things existed, let alone that they come in so many different types and designs. Did you know you can get nipple shields, nipple dangles, nipple clips and many more? The possibilities, it seems, are endless.

The differences between the nipple rings and shields appear to be minimal. They’re basically different types of jewelry which have a hole in the middle to put your nipple through. The shields have more width to them and a pattern, meaning it will sit on your areole. Nipple rings are much simpler. They’re all really pretty and have lots of different designs, so there’s something to suit all tastes. Anyone can find something that will fit most any occasion.

Nipple dangles are quite different. They actually more closely resemble dangly earrings! The idea is simple, you slip a loop, or noose, around your nipple and then the rest of the piece dangles down. The designs vary with different gems, stones and so on attached, so you can change the look as often as you like!

What they all have in common, though, are the reasons that people wear them. Aside from not wanting to have your nipple pierced for cosmetic or other reasons, according to the website, they have a similar effect to using something like love eggs; i.e. even if nobody knows about them, you certainly do and can be aroused and have a grin on your face all day long!

This was actually the aspect that got my mind working the most. Although they’re not my bag, the idea of other people wearing nipple charms, nipple rings, nipple dangles and so on in secret to make them feel horny is brilliant. I just find it amusing that people could be at work, grinning away and in a fabulous mood, chatting away to colleagues or even their boss, and the entire time they’re wearing this non piercing nipple jewelry. Everybody else would be completely oblivious to the fact.

So if you read any of my stories in the future and they make mention of nipple shields, nipple rings, nipples dangles, etc, you’ll know exactly where I got the inspiration! In the meantime, if I’ve inspired you to go and check them out for yourself, have a peek at NippleCharms.com.

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  1. Mitnik

    March 10, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Funny how helpful past blog posts can be 😉