A Taste of Rome is Now Available in #audiobook format! #audible

Hi folks,

The third book in my World of Sin erotica series is now available in audiobook format! Narrated by the awesome Peter Revel-Walsh (he’s narrating another book for me soon – excited!), A Taste of Rome is now available for your audio delight from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst have travelled to London and Paris on their “gap year” adventure, before starting university. Now it’s on to Rome.

The American girls they met in Paris are along for the ride, providing lots of sexy fun for the boys. But as no one in the foursome is looking for commitment, there’s still plenty of scope for hooking up with the locals. Voyeurism, cougars, risky outdoor sex and threesomes abound in the Italian leg of the boys’ European adventure.

Grab yours:
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I’m hoping to add more books to this fun series in the next few months. The pause came about due to publisher woes, which is unfortunate, but fingers crossed my Muse will co-operate and the boys can continue their sexy European adventures before too long!

Happy Listening,

Lucy x

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