An Important Day

Today is a very important today – for two reasons.

Uniform Behaviour: Steamy Stories About Men and Women in UniformFirst, it’s Armed Forces Day in the UK – a day to honour the UK’s Service personnel, past, present and future. My way of doing this has been to set up the Uniform Behaviour competition. The point? Every copy of the eBook anthology sold donates a percentage to Help for Heroes – a UK charity set up to help men and women wounded in battle. That’s my way of giving back to those that put themselves in danger to protect us. So that’s why I’m doing the promo – the more awareness there is for the anthology, the more copies will be sold. The more copies sold, the more money I can put in the charity coffers. And that makes me very happy indeed. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the promotion now – the prizes up for grabs include eBooks, signed postcards, bookmarks, bath bombs, personalised stories and more.

The National Memorial ArboretumI actually took some time out to visit The National Memorial Arboretum recently. I’ve been before as part of the Ride to the Wall event, but I’ve never been just to walk around and look at everything. It doesn’t just have memorials for the armed forces, there are ones for all kinds of things, but this beautiful memorial is the centrepiece. It’s engraved with names of men and women who’ve lost their lives in war. I don’t know anyone, personally, that’s been killed but it doesn’t lessen the poignancy any.

Armed Forces MemorialAnother wonderful thing about it is a clever part of its creation. A gap in the structure has been designed so that on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – Remembrance Day – the sun shines perfectly through the chink in the wall, highlighting this part of the memorial. I don’t suppose I will ever see that because obviously there’s a dedicated event that happens on that day every year and various VIPs attend, so most people can’t get close. But I imagine it’s a stunning thing to see and a wonderful way to commemorate sacrifices people have made.

The arboretum itself is free to visit (you just have to pay parking) so if you’re ever close by, I’d urge a visit – it’s such a peaceful and beautiful place and a perfect garden of remembrance.

On a much more celebratory note, the second important thing happening today is this very website’s birthday! Yes, I was surprised to see that the site has now been going for five years, I can’t believe it! I hope you will join me in raising a glass to toast five years online and five years of rambling at you lot šŸ˜‰ It’s wonderful to think how many people I’ve met through having this website, lots of cool readers and writers who may never have met if not for the power of the internet! So, thank you for reading and thank you for visiting the site – I hope you’re still coming back in another five years!

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