Another review of The Great Outdoors!

The lovely Ashley Lister reviewed my short eBook anthology, The Great Outdoors. And I do believe he liked it!

I’ve read lots of Lucy Felthouse’s erotic fiction from titles such Fangbangers, Bunnie magazine and the Xcite titles Seriously Sexy 3 and Ultimate Curves. Lucy has a way of bringing a story to life and making the sex feel alive – as though you’re enjoying the experience alongside the central characters.

The Great Outdoors is a pair of stories where Lucy’s characters enjoy themselves outdoors. Kate, the narrator in ‘Bird’s Eye View’ gets a front row seat on a pair of young lovers taking advantage of a pleasant summer’s day. The writing is sexy and fun, bringing the whole scene to life.

‘Fun in the Forest’ is equally entertaining with the central character Anna getting to explore some very exciting local customs whilst exploring remote Scotland.

If you enjoy erotica that is well-written, steamy and satisfying you will adore Lucy Felthouse.

So, anyway, I’m going to go away and grin my head off now. Oh, and if you want to buy the book (go on, you know you do!), go here.

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