Blissemas is Almost Upon Us!


What’s Blissemas?

The sensual season of Blissemas starts on the 1st December and will finish on the 22nd December. What is this magical event? Well, let me tell you.

Once upon a time there was an author and that author had an idea! “Why not combine my name with the word Christmas and make up a new and exciting time of the year where I give away prizes and festive joy to all!”

That Author was Victoria Blisse and in 2010 Blissemas was born and was a roaring success. 2011 came around and as she thought of ideas for Blissemas she was hit with festive inspiration!

“I should hire some elves and make Blissemas better than ever.”

Apparently though, Elves are in short supply at the end of the year so instead she employed a host of sexy wordsmiths to join in Blissemas and make it the biggest, bestest Blog Hop of the year!

So this is where you come in. Every day of Blissemas one of the elves… erm, authors will post up gems of delight in the guise of festive stories, excerpts, recipes, hints and tips and more. But this isn’t it oh no, there is more, dear readers, much more. For every blog you read and comment on you will get yourself an entry into a prize draw.

Ooooooh, prize draw! What are the prizes though? Good question. Prizes will be awarded randomly throughout the season by Santa Blisse, I mean Victoria Blisse including free eBooks and other Blisse goodies but the biggest prize of all is a… KINDLE! Yes, you could Win your very own Kindle and have it in time to toast in the New Year!

So check out the Blissemas participants and get your comments at the ready. Blissemas is the most wonderful time of the year!



Blissemas Participants


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  1. Mitnik

    November 30, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for being involved Blissemas.co.uk is going to be awesome. We have lots of spot prizes planned for the 22 days of Blissemas.co.uk and other fun bits and bobs too.