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Hi lovelies,

I’m thrilled to announce that my standalone contemporary reverse harem romance, Chasing the Chambermaid, is now available in audiobook format! My wonderful narrator, Frankie Holland, who I’m lucky to have worked with on multiple projects now, has done an amazing job, even tackling those Scottish accents and doing fabulously.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Chasing the Chambermaid AudiobookCan an exciting new outlook on life help Connie heal her damaged heart?

Connie White is running away from an abusive relationship. Fear and desperation have driven her to Bowdley Hall Hotel in the Scottish Highlands, where, despite an unceremonious start, she appears to have fallen on her feet. The owner, Frances McKenzie, is kind and understanding, and seems happy for Connie to hide out in her hotel for a while.

With a roof over her head and a job as a chambermaid, Connie is in a better situation than she could ever have hoped for. Her workmates seem nice, but she’s determined to keep them at arm’s length. After all, how can she form connections if she’s unwilling to divulge anything about herself?

Her apparent mysteriousness doesn’t faze her gorgeous new colleagues Will MacIntyre, Nico Moretti, and Ashley Fox. All three show a keen interest in her, but Connie has absolutely no intention of going there. She hasn’t fled one relationship, only to get involved with someone else, no matter how gorgeous. She simply isn’t ready for that.

When an epiphany of sorts makes her realise she’s living a half-life by keeping herself so cut off from everyone, she finally lets someone in. That someone shows her there can be something between singledom and a full-on relationship. And when casual dating is on the cards, anything is possible…

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Happy Listening!

Lucy x

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