Double the Erotica Goodness!

This weekend, I was honoured to attend a double book launch at Sh! Hoxton. Two fabulous erotic writers, K D Grace and Maxim Jakubowski just released novels with Xcite Books, so they teamed up to spring their sexy books on the unsuspecting audience.

Maxim JakubowskiThere was lots going on, including giveaways and lots of naughty fun. Sadly, I missed a great deal of said fun due to a horrendous accident on the M1 motorway, which meant that while everyone was in the pub across the road from Sh! catching up and chatting, me and my other half were stuck in terrible traffic. These things happen, unfortunately, but I was so annoyed to be missing all the fun – plus I hate being late for things! When we eventually arrived I was all of a fluster and had to ring the bell to be let into Sh! – where the lovely Renee was all smiles and hugs. Thankfully nobody minded our tardiness as they knew it was out of our hands.

The bits I did get to hear were excellent, though. Maxim was reading snippets from his new book, Ekaterina and the Night. He’s also currently on a virtual blog tour with said book, and there are some copies up for grabs. Go here to find out how to get your chance to win!

K D GraceK D Grace regaled us with sections from The Pet Shop. I also happened to notice she was wearing animal print shoes, and later asked if it was intentional. She assured me it was, and also added that they were biting her feet! Annoying, but somehow appropriate, she said. 🙂

As usual, the lovely Sh! Ladiez kept us well topped up with sparkly stuff (which was immediately thrust at myself and the other half on our arrival. The girlz obviously knew how frustrated we were to be late!) and cupcakes. Also doing the rounds were some yummy sweets made by my lovely other half, who, well used to the hue of Sh!, made them in a lovely shade of pink. Luckily I grabbed one before the plate was distributed as it was empty when it came back. I have it on good authority that the sweets were incredibly well received! Only the best for K D Grace and Maxim Jakubowski!

I did manage to squeeze some chatting with people into the interval, thankfully. Then, after the proceedings were brought to a close, myself, my other half, K D Grace, her other half (who was celebrating his birthday, and got an impromptu ‘happy birthday’ sung at him by Sh!’s till), Kay Jaybee, Rebecca Bond, Lexie Bay and her other half, and another friend of K D Grace’s, whose name I don’t recall, retreated to the nearby Pizza Express. While there I managed a good catch up with Lexie Bay and her man, but unfortunately was shoved at the other end of the table from the others, so still felt cheated out of my chat!

Ah well… it was a fab night overall. And we’re all attending Erotica together – watch out London!

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  1. K D Grace

    October 18, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Lovely post, Sweetie!

    I was so sorry not to get to spend more time with you, but we’ll definitely make up for it at Erotica. Hopefully by then I will have taught my Pet Shoes to behave themselves a little better…