Excellent Review of Fang Bangers!

9th August 2010 – Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that the lovely Toni Sands kindly agreed to read and review Fang Bangers for me. And I think… OK, I know that she liked it! Just in case you don’t believe me, here is her review in full:

Fang Bangers has something for everyone who savours dark and erotic Fang Bangerswriting. Think bittersweet chocolates, each with a rich, creamy filling. Think hot black coffee laced with a heady liqueur that trickles down your throat and awakens your entire body. Prepare to fly high but also to be grounded. Pinned down maybe by a fabulous creature whose trappings of fur and claws dissolve to reveal the kind of body that you dream of possessing. Or of being possessed by…?

The backdrops to these stories range from luxury residence to no-frills hotel room: from lush forest to sleazy bar. There’s a poignant theme of restless souls seeking satisfaction and the stories mentioned below highlight what’s on offer in this impressive collection.

In Shattered Resistance, Suzy stalks Dane, a guy she describes as dangerous, sexy and immortal. Suzy is driven by desire and determination. Two irresistible forces lead to one fascinating story as strong wills clash. Ah, did I mention dishy Dane’s a vampire to die for?

Mate Run is old as time and fresh as today. It’s a shape-shifting, lip-licking, evocative story with a strong love theme which will appeal to the romantics among us. It also has a high erotic charge.

If you thought Dane the vampire was a dish, you’ll also thrill to The Best Man in the story of that name. This is a great example of two people’s yearnings being fulfilled as nature girl meets werewolf.

Fixation will send a shiver down your spine as well as blast you with growly jungle heat. While Love Bites: A Survival Guide is a cleverly-constructed and comprehensive take on love in a world that defies reason.

With fourteen stories to dip into, there’s plenty to please everyone. So bring on the va-va-vampires. Zoom in on the zombies. Sit back and let your imagination send you running with the wild ones. In our world where electronic devices control civilization, maybe we especially need a taste of beings beyond our comprehension.

Hopefully this has convinced you to grab your copy. If not, why not!? Anyhoo… it’s available from the following:


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