Exciting New Project Underway…

25th August 2010 – Hey everyone! This is just going to a quick post as I’m a busy girly. I’m busy over here. “Here” is my new project. I’ve started a site called Erotica For All which is just that; a place for readers and writers of erotica, and all those in between. The idea is that authors can use it as a promotional tool, and readers use it as a central hub to go and find information about new authors, new releases and even enter competitions.

The site is very much in its infancy. In fact, it’s not even a week old, so there’s not much content there yet. However, I’m currently uploading lots of Author Profiles which I’ve been sent, so keep checking back to find new stuff! If you’re a reader, head on over there and see what’s going on. If you’re an author, also head over there, but make sure to check the Authors page to see how you can get involved. I look forward to hearing from you!


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