Fancy Some Sudden Sex?

Who doesn’t, eh? Well, you’ve come *ahem* to the right place. The fabulous Alison Tyler has compiled the Sudden Sex anthology, which is full of 69 hot and quick stories (including two of mine – The Not-So-Blushing Bride and At the Car Wash). Here, I’ve reviewed two of them, so you can get an idea of what this super hot book is all about.

The Scribe by Tabitha Rayne

A nameless woman has an unusual use for pen, paintbrushes and ink. When her lover walks in on her kinky interlude, she’s embarrassed, ashamed. But he forcefully sweeps aside such notions and demands to know, and see, more of what she’s been up to. He quickly embraces the idea, joins in, resulting in a highly sensual and inventive sexual encounter, which will make all the hairs stand up on the back of your neck – in a good way.

A smokin’ hot quickie from Tabitha Rayne, and one that will appeal to creative and artistic types.

Crawling Through Temptation by Elise Hepner

Lela and Max are celebrating their one year anniversary by going caving – an idea many would find bizarre, but given the hobby was how they met, it’s the perfect way to celebrate. Crawling through narrow tunnels and caves, it’s difficult to see how the story is going to become erotic, but it soon becomes apparent as the tiny space opens out, and the couple indulge in something else they enjoy – one another.

Brief, but intensely sexy, this is a quirky and exciting tale from Elise Hepner.

Sound like your thing? Well, what are you waiting for? Sudden Sex is available several months earlier than originally anticipated, so why not take advantage?

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