Filament Magazine Reviews Uniform Behaviour

Uniform BehaviourThe lovely people over at Filament Magazine asked a few of their readers to review Uniform Behaviour. Here is a selection of lovely comments about the erotic anthology:

There were some real gems, both in terms of short telling and utter knicker-dampening rudeness, some of which happily caught me off guard, where I genuinely wasn’t expecting to be turned on by the subject material, and it left me grinning and writhing in my seat.

What makes the best stories so hot is not just the erotic allure of uniforms but also the forbidden element of sex in the workplace, breaking the rules of propriety and urgent responses to physical desire above and beyond position and title.
Hazel Eracleous

There’s loads to recommend this book, and it’s a great starting point for your own fantasies. These are safe tales, all with a yummy little twist that you can’t help but enjoy. Maybe you could spend an evening reading them to your love bunny, and pick your favourites. Or perhaps, it will be the start of a great evening in just you and your, er, rabbit.

While it could go a bit further, I enjoyed this collection overall – it’s sexy without trying too hard.
Anna R

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