Five Star Review for Uniform Behaviour

Uniform BehaviourGreat news! I just happened to be checking the Amazon.com listing for Uniform Behaviour, (OK, I was checking its rank – again) when I noticed there’s been a review. And not just any review – a five star review! *does happy dance*

Yes, the lovely Mrs. Sandra Mackness reviewed it, and here’s what she had to say:

Sometimes they keep their uniform on, sometimes not. Either way, these characters are hot. This is a crisply-edited collection that deserves its stripes. I particularly liked ‘In Love and War’ which is a deliciously erotic take on the theme. ‘The Captain’s Persuasion’ is a delight, with its verbal, tongue-in-cheek foreplay. There are a couple of Cougar stories, with Victoria Blisse giving her ‘Dirty Deeds’ a humorous end. ‘Just Couldn’t Wait’, by Lucy Felthouse, has characters unwrapping each other like a gift. And having read Elizabeth Coldwell’s ‘Strictly No Parking’ – a sizzling ‘no names’ encounter – I’ll be looking carefully at where I park in future. My verdict? Well worth a second read.

A big thank you to Mrs. Mackness, and a pat on the back to all the authors in the anthology! Well done everyone!

Want more info and buy links for the antho? Go here.

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