Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishing
Bite with HeightOK, so I obviously haven’t gone fishing. That’s not my cup of tea. I have, however, gone on my holiday/research trip to France, where I’ll be spending three days in Paris sightseeing and also researching the sequel for my paranormal erotic romance, Bite with Height. I’ll be hanging out in graveyards, bookshops, churches, erotic museums and much more. I’ll let you decide what’s for fun, and what’s research. You may well be surprised! All being well, I’ll also be meeting the lovely Emma Hillman for lunch – erotic writers lunching in Paris, how very cosmopolitan! 😉

There will be some posts appearing on the site (scheduling technology permitting) while I’m away, and I’ll probably send the odd Tweet via text, or if I can find free WiFi (that actually works!). Otherwise, though, I’m out of contact *shock, horror* until the 10th when life returns to normal (until K D Grace and Maxim Jakubowski’s book launch at Sh! Hoxton on the 14th October, of course!) and I’ll start wading through my emails then.

In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! 😀

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