Gone Wandering…

Source: google.com via Lucy on Pinterest

If you’re wondering why my Twitter feed has fallen silent (except for scheduled Tweets), or why there are fewer hot guys being repinned on Pinterest, this is why. I am in Rome – or at least I will be. I have a busy weekend, which includes a friend’s wedding, seeing family and packing my case, and then I’m going wandering. Rest assured I will be taking a ton of photographs and hopefully soaking up some inspiration for my writing – I’m thinking my Smut in the Citystory may well be set here.Please come back here, though, as I have three lovely ladies appearing on the blog this week (providing WordPress doesn’t miss any scheduled posts). Sophie Pembroke, JoAnne Kenrick and Angela S. Stone will be here to tell you all about their new releases – so don’t miss it!

See you when I’m back 🙂

P.S. Naturally, if I can find free WiFi that works, I’ll sneak onto Twitter on my phone and see what’s going on. Otherwise it’ll be radio silence. Eep.

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