I Write Sex That Makes Palms Sweaty

A Bit of RoughNo, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, that is an actual quote from a reviewer. I’m rather pleased with that compliment, as you can imagine. The reviewer was talking about A Bit of Rough which she scored 4 out of 5, and commented:

“Ms Felthouse writes sex that makes your palms sweaty and heats you up…I really enjoyed the marathon session with the pretty but dull Drew! There isn’t a happy ever after; this isn’t an erotica romance and I accept the book isn’t about love, but very hot and steamy sex. I just realised that I have used the word sex EIGHT times in a 177-word review…I think this about sums up this hot little read! :D” Scorching Book Reviews (links to full review)

Get your palms sweaty with A Bit of Rough here.

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