It’s a Hat Trick! (Of Fab Reviews)

Wow, I turn my back for just a minute (I’ve been out all day today – spent the day at a health spa and am now almost nodding off as I type) and I get a hat trick of reviews!

Immoral ViewsFirst, I spotted via Twitter that the super Cara Sutra had read and reviewed Immoral Views. Here’s a little bit of what she had to say:

“There have been some erotica that I’ve found hot, but this is genuinely mindblowing. The stuff of fantasies for many years to… come!”

Read the full review here.

I also had another super review of Susie White and the Right Hand Man, from Judging the Book By Its Pages, who commented:

“This was a cute short story along the same lines as snow white only with an erotic twist. I loved how they broke the spell a willing sacrifice that ended in a great sex scene that had me wanting more. I recommend this book if you like fairy tales with an adult spin.” 4 out of 5

Read the full review here.

Bite With HeightFinally, Girls Only Reviews covered Bite with Height, and were full of praise:

“This fun story has me from the beginning. I’m not fond of vampires/paranormal stories but Felthouse had me under her spell from the first sentence. From the dialogue to the easy flow of the story line, Felthouse brings forth a nice love story, basic vampire knowledge (I despise too much glitter, in-depth paranormal jargon and unrealistic thoughts) and focuses on the story line, the character connection and love. I commend Felthouse for creating the world of LVV, Meg and Grace and their HEA ending. Perfecto!”

Read the full review here.

I’ve also been busy on the guest blogging front this week. On Monday I was at the Erotic Diaries and Dirty Birdies sites, talking all things naughty. Yesterday I took part in the 2012 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event, with my take on the genre (and a giveaway!). Today, I’m over at The Forbidden Bookshelf discussing dirty dining. I have new posts appearing all the time, so keep an eye on the list in the sidebar to see what I’m up to —->>


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