More Praise for Uniform Behaviour!

Uniform BehaviourWhen I was stalking the Amazon pages for Uniform Behaviour (there’s no point in denying it, you know what I’m like now!), I came across a new review. Happily, it’s another good ‘un! Yay!

It’s from T. Harrison “Dirty Scribbler” (USA), and here’s what she had to say:

As an Army vet, I know and understand the lure of the uniform. The strength and pride of wearing it and the visceral response of a well formed figure ensconced in the stiff formal attire. As well as that strange need to rebel against the very thing that defines you. This collection of stories speaks to all of that and more. I may be a bit biased but, I enjoyed the stories about soldiers the most–Craig Sorensen’s Lingua Acutus, Madeline Elayne’s The Weight of Duty to name a few. I also loved Guard Mounting by Justine Elyot as well as True Confession by Indigo Skye–the priests in our parish were never hot enough to spawn this type of fantasy but, the dirty wrongness of the encounter and the helplessness of the young priest really appealed to me for some reason (heh!)

All in all, these stories were a collection of sizzling picks by Lucy Felthouse. I look forward to reading more anthologies from her and applaud her charitable donation to the troops wounded in combat.

Want more info and buy links for the antho? Go here.

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