More Review Madness!

Uniform BehaviourWell, what can I say? I’m certainly a lucky girl at the moment because reviews seem to be coming in thick and fast – and even better, they’re good ones! I have received a couple of awesome reviews for Uniform Behaviour:

Diana over at Night Owl Reviews had this to say:

“I really enjoyed this book and I must say that these stories are definitely hot and steamy! There’s something for everyone to enjoy and I’m certain you’ll be wiggling in your chair as you’re reading them.”

And smut-writing extraordinaire Rebecca Bond commented:

“I give 5 bright, glistening, sparkly stars to Uniform Behaviour…and not just because I feature inside. The first anthology edited by erotica extraordinaire, Lucy Felthouse, proves to be everything and more that those with a penchant for a uniform could ask for. If your thang is a dashing soldier (In Love and War), a mucky priest (True Confession) or a devilish detective…well, desk guy (Taking With Consent) then jump inside and scour the pages of this juicy little smut-fest.

Every story in Uniform Behaviour is a tantalising tale of love and lust and is a recommended read to all those who enjoy top notch erotica.”

The Great OutdoorsAnd as if that wasn’t cool enough, the lovely Rebecca Bond also cast her eyes over my little eBook anthology, The Great Outdoors, and said:

“This writer certainly knows how to get you hot under the collar. These two stories, both with that special alfresco-angle, grab the reader from the get-go and thrust you into the dirty outdoors alongside the characters. Two very different, but both imaginative stories most definitely tickled my fancy – a great read for all erotica fans. Just one minor request…more Mr Scotland please!”

*phew* – I’m exhausted from all this happy dancing!

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