My New Gig and Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone, and Happy Halloween! I hope you’ve been checking out my previous blog posts about the Bewitching Trick or Treat blog hop and the Haunting Halloween Blog Fest – there are prizes to be won, so if you haven’t, scroll down and check ’em out when you’ve read this post. You won’t regret it šŸ˜‰

So, yes, it’s Halloween. We don’t really go all out in the UK, certainly not in comparison to the US. And certainly not around here. If I stick my head out of the window and look down the street, not a single decoration. I, however, am proudly wearing my Plants vs Zombies T-shirt as well as having released two spooky stories this month which are perfect reads for Halloween. Check out Weekend at Wilderhope Manor and Love Through Time if you want to see what I’m going on about.

So… onto my new gig! The other week I received an email from one Liz Silver asking if I’d like to join the Dirty Birdies blog. Having been a fan of the site and its pervery for some time, I was delighted to be asked and of course I said yes! There are no hard and fast rules about when we post on the blog, but I’ll be stopping by there a couple of times a month to say my piece, and probably share lots of photos of hot men. That’s actually what I did in my first post, which went live today. Check it out here.

Dirty Birdies is a great fun blog, so if you like all things smutty (and I’m guessing you do, since you’re on this website) then you should head over there and hit that ‘Join This Site’ button. See it? Right hand side, a little way down? Yep, got it. Now you won’t miss a thing, yay!

See you there!

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