My Virtual Bookshelf

iBooksOn discovering that Uniform Behaviour had gone live on the iBookstore, I decided to have a little play around and grab samples of all the books available which contain my stories. Naturally it’d look better if the “shelf” was full, but I still think it looks pretty cool, right? Hopefully The Great Outdoors Vol 2 will be appearing on there soon too. Watch this space.

Admittedly I don’t read books on my iPhone any more due to my lovely Kindle, but for those of you without eReaders, this is definitely a viable option. So why not check out the books? Uniform Behaviour in particular offers a delicious sample as it contains the first story in its entirety – Fireman’s Lift by the awesome Miss Rebecca Bond.

And don’t forget, if you buy a copy in the UK, you can be in with a chance of winning a Rampant Rabbit!

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