Myth Mondays: Behind the Scenes with Valkyrie’s Queen by Toni Sands

For the first in a series of ‘Myth Mondays’ from the wonderful authors who contributed to Seducing the Myth, I’d like to welcome Toni Sands. Read on for some background on her story, Valkyrie’s Queen…


Whenever I hear Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries shivers ripple down my spine. I’m listening to it now, as I write. Once I heard Lucy’s plan to edit an anthology with a mythological theme, this music rode into my head immediately. So, I conducted a little research – triggering memories of a holiday inIceland, a country combining quirkiness, sophistication and folklore. Most of the year, there’s little colour in the landscape so you’ll find roofs painted to form a palette of bright primary colours. I travelled in November when daylight lasts all of four hours or so and found the shops a welcome explosion of light. Rainbow-coloured clothing and jazzy knitwear plus fairyland Christmas artefacts sell well. And bookstores are hot! Great places to socialise and drink coffee. The art reflects the scenery so, yes, it’s kind of primitive – think primary school meets Grayson Perry. I lovedIceland even though my friend and I missed seeing the Northern Lights because we were being chatted up by some Icelanders. (Fortunately the bar was candlelit….)

This is not a holiday place for the fainthearted so I had to make my heroine Freya a tad cerebral. Stay with me … the island is hardlyCosta Bravaon the rocks so I needed something to tempt her to be her sister’s flat-sitter for a fortnight. Many of us find certain scents evoke emotions and bring back memories of places and people. So Freya is studying the significance of fragrance in Norse mythology and is a ‘scent anorak’ experiencing weird dreams. If having sexy serial dreams about a blond, white-cloaked hunk on horseback is weird

Norse legends evoke rocky terrain, vast brooding skies, thundering waterfalls and winged horses. The guys are brawny, with beards and erm, big weapons. The long-haired women wear flowing gowns or, like Odin’s daughters, power-dress in battle gear. But most of the description in my story is inspired by my stay in Reykjavik. I hope you’ll buy Seducing the Myth and thrill out with it.

Find out more about Toni on her website, http://tonisands.co.uk/

Find out how to bag your copy of Seducing the Myth here.

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  1. Kay Dee Royal

    August 11, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Nice post Toni – I can’t wait to read your story. Congratulations on your newest release.