Naughty Delivery: Spank-tastic!

Naughty DeliveryI’m dancing around the room at this fab review I just spotted:

“You might wonder what an author can do with nine pages. Let me assure you, when you’re Lucy Felthouse, all sorts of things can happen in those few pages, enough to make a reader’s mind envision a tale that will make them blush! Naughty Delivery is more than naughty. This story is outright HOT, STEAMY, and filled with the imagination of an author that made me go red in the face and curl my toes. Want something wicked to read with the honey tonight? Pick up your copy, it’s a guaranteed spicy 4 stars!” At Your Fingertips

See the full review here.

Grab the spank-tastic short story for yourself here.

*cue more dancing*

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