NEW RELEASE: Fang Bangers Available Now!

3rd August 2010 – *does happy dance*. Yay, it’s a release day for me! Well, not just me, there are 13 other fab authors who are celebrating right now, too. Yes, Fang Bangers is here! Courtesy of Ravenous Romance, the book is an erotic anthology of fangs, claws, sex and love. I’m nestling between the digital covers with some fab company, too:Fangbangers

  • Rebecca Leigh
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Isabo Kelly
  • J. G. Faherty
  • Elizabeth Thorne
  • Jan Kozlowski
  • Lois Gresh
  • Cecilia Tan
  • Gina McQueen
  • Dana Fredsti
  • Melanie Thompson
  • Sascha Illyvich
  • Kilt Kilpatrick

My story, Shattered Resistance, is about Suzy, a human who is madly in love with a vampire. She wants Dane in every way but he continues to resist her feminine charms. Trouble is, Suzy just doesn’t give up. Find out what happens by getting your hands on a copy of the anthology here. And as a little treat, here’s a short excerpt to get you warmed up…

Suzy took a deep breath, knowing she had to act fast to put her plan into action before Dane awoke. She grabbed the duvet that covered him, wondering what he wore for bed, if anything. She didn’t have to wonder for long. She pulled, and revealed his body in all its naked glory. As he was lying on his back, nothing was left to the imagination. Suzy was pleased to note than even in its flaccid state, Dane’s penis was still an impressive size. Not that she’d expected anything less—vampires were superior in every other way—it just wouldn’t make sense for him to have a small cock.

Time to make it bigger, she thought. Discarding the duvet, Suzy sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, reached for Dane’s cock and began to stroke it. As she did, she maneuvred herself so she could reach it with her mouth. His prick began to grow tumescent beneath her fingers and she leant down and closed her lips around the tip. Continuing to caress him with her hand, she began to lick and suck at the head of his rapidly swelling shaft. She’d always enjoyed giving head and considered herself to be pretty good at it—but giving oral sex to a vampire was on a whole other level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this fang-tastic (sorry) eBook today, just $4.99 from Ravenous Romance.

Also – if there are any reviewers out there, please give me a shout – we’d love to get some coverage of the book on your sites/blogs!

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