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Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce the release of Love Through a Lens as a standalone novella. It was originally released (and is still available) as part of the Sweet Sensations boxed set, but if you’d prefer to grab a copy of it by itself, now’s your chance! It’s a M/F erotic romance, set in the Peak District in Derbyshire, and is an older man/younger woman story.

The cover was designed by the amazing Lola Divine Design, who is currently taking on more clients. You can check out her website here. I would definitely recommend her.

Here’s the book blurb:

Celine Patterson is a recent graduate eager to begin her career as a camerawoman—with the fashion world and all its glitz and glamour calling to her. Things aren’t that simple, however, and she’s forced to take a job making a documentary in the Peak District countryside with a mid-list British actor.

In spite of her initial disappointment—not only is the job not what she wanted, the pay is appalling, too—Celine warms to the project. The actor she’s working with, Edward Robson, is kind, considerate, funny and a consummate professional. She realizes she can learn a great deal from him, and resolves to do so.

As the days of the shoot pass by, Celine grows increasingly fond of Edward, and that fondness quickly goes beyond the platonic. Convinced her crush is completely one-sided—he’s over three decades her senior, for starters—she tries hard to ignore it, hoping the feelings will go away.

But then something happens to change Celine’s opinion, and flip her world upside-down. How will she react? And can she emerge from this project with both her career and her heart intact?

Sound like your thing? All the buy links are here.

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

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