New Release: Watching Me, Watching You

I’ve been lucky enough to get another one of my stories published in an Xcite Books anthology. Watching Me, Watching You is out in paperback and eBook format now, and contains my voyeuristic tale, Private Performance. It’s about a woman who becomes so obsessed with a male dancer that she goes to every single one of his shows in London. Eventually, her persistence pays off…

Here’s the book blurb:

Love to watch? All eyes are on the action in this collection of twenty steamy stories about voyeurs, exhibitionists, risky business and wife and husband watchers.

Neighbours peep in through windows and over the garden fence hoping for a candid glimpse and maybe more, a waitress with a fetish for flashing is given a very public punishment, and a male stripper puts on a show that his number-one fan will never forget. Horny honeymooners outrage a resort with their blatant antics, while a private detective enjoys the perks of his job when he’s hired by a vampish client. Elsewhere, an alien visitor learns that Earthling orgies can be out of this world, an ethereal being seeks sexual energy to feed off, and a busy career woman gets the thrill-ride of her life on the Tube – with five gorgeous men!

Sneak a peek between the covers and see for yourself how hot a little sexy spying can be …

Get your copy of Watching Me, Watching You here.

Happy Reading! x

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