Properly, Or Not At All Now Available for Early Download! (@totally_bound) #erotica #romance #spanking

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that from today, you can download my spanking short story, Properly, Or Not At All, direct from the publisher websitea whole four weeks before general release! You’ll also get a cheaper price and reward points for the publisher webstore – what could be better?

Here’s the story blurb:

Tristan and Jayme are not only devoted husband and wife, they are also Dominant and submissive, with a particular penchant for spanking. They’ve been playing delicious kinky games for the fifteen years they’ve been together and couldn’t be happier. However, when Tristan develops a health issue that means he can’t redden his wife’s backside for a while, it puts both of them under a lot of strain. It’s a big part of their sex life, and one they’ll miss badly.

They try to find a way around their unfortunate predicament, but it’s not easy. In the end, Tristan declares that he will either spank Jayme’s bottom properly, or not at all.

The prospect of no spanking at all dismays Jayme, but she has no other choice. Or does she? Continuing to put her mind towards the issue, she indulges in some solo experimentation, with mixed results.

But how will Tristan feel when he finds out his wife has gone behind his back?

Sound like your thing? Grab the book today (and don’t forget to leave a review 😉 )!

Happy Reading!
Lucy x


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