Totty Thursday – Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch10th December 2009 – I realise it’s not Tuesday, but I’ve had a busy and fairly shitty week to be honest, so have neglected my writerly duties. But this fella popped into my inbox and I couldn’t resist sharing him with you all. I know exactly who he is and have had a crush on him ever since seeing him play Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His name is Taylor Kitsch and he is yummy. He plays a really fab character in the film too, which helps. If you pop over to Hunk Du Jour they had an interview with Hugh Jackman on there discussing Taylor’s casting in the film; he described him as a younger Wolverine. Ooh, two of them – sounds like heaven!

Anyway, I’ve no other news except for my previous post with regards my [intlink id=”1284″ type=”post”]call for submissions[/intlink] for Bunnie. I tried and failed to get my iPhone as nobody at O2 bothered to answer the phone, so they will get my grumpy self on the phone in the morning, unless the online upgrade feature actually works tomorrow! Also, Amazon will be getting shouted at if my The Tudors DVD doesn’t arrive soon. It was despatched on Saturday and I’ve been looking forward to it all week – but it’s not arrived yet.

Thankfully, all is not lost. I am off work tomorrow, off to see the lovely Russell Howard at the MEN Arena in Manchester. I’m sure he will cheer me up and provide a good ending to a poor week! More news as and when something happens!

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