Yet Another Crazy Busy Weekend!

A Menu with a DifferenceWhile I spent the weekend hiding indoors from the snow, then making a successful (though a tad scary) trek home in it, the blogosphere was much busier – posting reviews of my books! 😀

First, Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Reviews said of A Menu with a Difference:

“Felthouse delights my desires and satisfies my erotic craving in this short and extremely fast read. I’d love to see her elaborate and make this trio a yearly holiday event. The last two sentences “We’d definitely be returning to that restaurant. It had a menu with a difference, and our dessert had been quite delicious!” left me laughing and hungry for more.” 4 out of 5

Then, Love Romance Passion reviewed Susie White and the Right Hand Man:

“…if you like to read a sweet romance with a smidge of suspense, than you will like this one. You’ll want to see what happens to Susie and Scott. If you don’t have a lot of time, this is a fast read and one that you can read over and over again. Lucy also makes this a cliffhanger. Will this story continue? Will Lucy write another story based on a fairy tale? We’ll just have to watch to see what Lucy comes up with next.” 4.5 out of 5

As did A Redheads Guilty Reads:

“I throughly enjoyed this novel just as I do any other by Lucy Felthouse but Susie White and Right Man truly was a heart warming and intriging book, With just that little bit of magic in it to make it all that more incredible. From the very start that Susie and Scott are introduced at Susie’s wicked witch step-mother Louise’s wedding their attraction is obvious! With some very hot scenes and a happily ever after this novel truly has it all!”

Who also covered Punish Me Good:

“Punish Me Good is filled with two very short quick sexy reads by the amazing Lucy Felthouse! With some very explicit scenes that are sure to get you hot under the collar!”

I also made an appearance on the awesome Robin Badillo’s blog, here.

And finally, today, I make my first posting on a group blog I was asked to be a member of, the Para-Posse! I’d love comments on both posts, so please come say hi! 🙂


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