3. Are your characters real people?

This is always a fun one to answer. Not least because some people are always going to think you’re writing about them. And as much as I advocate fantasies, I can’t agree with this one. Many people aren’t interesting enough to write about, myself included. Maybe you’ll take bits and pieces from various people – their personality quirks, their looks, job, or whatever, but it’s unlikely that a person will be literally taken as they are and written into a story or book. This goes for vanilla writing as well as erotica.

Of course there will be exceptions to the rule. Perhaps the supermarket delivery guy is a sex god. But unless you have in fact slept with him, how do you know how he kisses, what he looks like naked or if he’s any good in the sack? There’s always going to be an element of fiction. After all, why write about a one-night stand who was totally hot, but had a tiny dick and no idea what to do with it? Not going to happen. You’d make him into a stud with an impressive cock, wouldn’t you?

So in short, no. None of my characters are real. They may bear similarities to real people, but since everyone has their good and bad points, it’s the fun part of fiction to embellish and delete as appropriate. Hence the term fiction.

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