4. Do you get turned on writing your stories?

Writing, contrary to the beliefs of certain people, is a job. A fun and exciting one, but nevertheless, a job. Which means it’s something that a person takes seriously and does to the best of their ability.

Now, if someone was writing a crime novel, do you suppose they cringe or shed a tear every time someone dies? Of course not. They’re too busy ensuring that they’re maintaining the pace, keeping the characters and situations interesting and constructing something people WANT to read. Then they’ve got to go through and correct typos, grammar, tweak dialogue and remove or change unnecessary or weak words.

It’s no different for an erotic writer. We want to get our characters from A to B using the most high-impact words we can. So engrossed are we in checking for inconsistencies, repetitions and dull descriptions that we don’t have chance to become ‘involved’ in the text the same way we would if we were simply reading something. It’s a constant amending and polishing process until the story is complete. And in my opinion, by then, the writer is so familiar with it that they can’t possibly derive any enjoyment from it. After all, they know exactly what’s going to happen, and why, where and when. Talk about a spoiler!

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