5 Questions NOT To Ask An Erotic Writer

Having written erotica for six years now, I’ve come across a variety of reactions to this piece of information. Some are only a little surprised and fascinated to know more. Others find it amusing at first, then move on. Still more giggle like schoolchildren, adopt an expression of wide-eyed wonder and secretly think I must be some kind of sex-obsessed tart. Along the way, many people have asked questions. I’ve also talked to lots of other erotic writers who have been subjected to similar lines of questioning. So I’ve decided to sum them up to serve as a warning to non-writers and to give fellow writers a good laugh. Enjoy.

In the next few posts I’ll be answering the following questions:

[intlink id=”1555″ type=”post”]1. Where do you get your ideas from?[/intlink]
[intlink id=”1557″ type=”post”]2. Are your stories based on experience?[/intlink]
[intlink id=”1559″ type=”post”]3. Are your characters real people?[/intlink]
[intlink id=”1561″ type=”post”]4. Do you get turned on writing your stories?[/intlink]
[intlink id=”1563″ type=”post”]5. Are you ever going to do some proper writing?[/intlink]

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  2. C. Margery Kempe

    January 22, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    I think all writers cringe at the first one. I do think Harlan Ellison's answer, “A little shop in Schenectady” works just fine. Though I usually use a different location and being to describe the little shop in detail because it's inside a tiny little tree and you have to leave the request in an acorn outside it and hope the squirrels drop something by your house later…

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  4. cw1985

    January 23, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    I agree. I'm sure erotica and probably crime/thriller authors dread this the most. Given we write about these things, naturally it makes the erotica writers sex-addicts, and crime/thriller writers murderous sadists. Or at least, this is what people who aren't blessed with our imaginations would believe!