Recommended Erotic Reading for your Kindle this Christmas

Already got a Kindle? Or are you hoping Santa will bring you one? Either way, I’ve made a list of recommended books to load on to your Kindle. I could have gone on forever, but I decided to pick ten favourites.

So check these out – and don’t forget to use the links on this article if you’re buying – gives me a few pence through Amazon’s affiliate scheme, which I’ll then spend on more books!

So, peruse the list to your heart’s content. I’m not saying I’m “right” with all of these as opinion is subjective, but if you read my reviews and tend to agree with them then hopefully you’ll enjoy these recommendations!

Erotica Recommendations

  • The New Rakes – Nikki Magennis (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Kiss it Better – Portia Da Costa (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Sarah’s Education – Madeline Moore (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler – Various (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Naughty Little Forest Nymph – Roxanne Rhoads (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Fairy Tale Lust – Kristina Wright (ed.) (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Fang Bangers – Various (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Calendar Girl – Sommer Marsden (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Control – Charlotte Stein (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)
  • Quick Kink One – Kay Jaybee (Kindle UK | Kindle USA)

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