Sometimes I get bored and lonely when you’re not around. I spend more time masturbating when I haven’t got your sexy body to play with, and your lovely cock to fill me up. I often browse the internet looking at porn, or read erotic books and magazines to compensate.

My favourite thing to do when I’m alone is have a nice long bath and pamper myself. I love lowering myself into the hot water and watching my skin flush. My large squishy breasts still bob above the surface, the contrast of warm water and cold air making my nipples erect. I giggle, and give them a tweak. Then I reach for the shower gel and my sponge, squeeze a generous dollop of gel onto it, then briefly dip it under the water to get it wet. Then I manipulate the sponge until there’s a lovely lather dripping out of it, and run it over my upper body.

My nipples stiffen further at the contact, and I love the way the soap makes the sponge glide easily over my smooth skin. I leisurely wash my breasts. They are my favourite part of my body. Large and bouncy, but still pert – I catch many the red-blooded male checking them out. After a while, I decide my boobs are plenty clean enough, and my free hand disappears beneath the water to seek out another treasure.

orgasmI slip my hand between my thighs and feel a different kind of moisture, a more silky, sticky kind of fluid. I smile, and delve deeper, spreading my labia and dipping my fingers inside myself. It’s very warm and wet, and very ready.

Disappointment flits through my brain as I register you will not be satisfying me this evening. Never mind, I think, I know someone who will.

I reach out of the bath and grab my playmate for this evening from my dressing gown pocket. Into the bath it goes, straight under the water and to the area it’s needed most. My favourite waterproof friend. A click of the button, and a strange muffled noise permeates the air. I don’t care, it’s now hitting the spot against my hardened clitoris, and as waves of pleasure wash over me, the last thing on my mind is how much noise I’m making.

I rub the vibrator up and down my vulva, alternately teasing my clit and my labia, occasionally delving deeper so the head of the vibrator nestles against the entrance to my soaking pussy. Oh how I wish you were here so you could wander in, smile as you saw what I was up to, then strip without hesitation and join me in the tub. I pretend you have, and I close my eyes.

I slowly push the vibrator inside myself and gasp as its length and girth stretch me. I imagine it’s you, kissing my neck and shoulders as your cock fills my hole. I dearly wish it was, but I must make do with what I have. So I gently twist the fake cock, knowing how the rim of its head stimulates my g-spot. I thrust and twist it inside of me, feeling those familiar tingles in my nether regions. I know just how to get what I want out of this toy. I open my legs as wide as the sides of the bath will allow and wildly fuck myself with the vibrating hunk of silicone.

I pinch each nipple alternately with my other hand, hard. The pain sends extra jolts down to my pelvis and I moan in pleasure. My climax is approaching now and I redouble my efforts, thrusting with one hand, pinching, stroking and clawing my flesh with the other.

I picture your face and how it would look if you walked in and saw me now. And that’s enough. Knowing you’d get an instant erection seeing me playing with myself brings a smile to my face, and a series of pulsations to my vagina. I pull out the vibrator and immediately set about caressing my clitoris wanting to enhance my orgasm. The strength of it takes my breath away and my legs tremble. I summon the little strength I do have in my legs to wrap my toe around the cord coming from the bath plug and pull.

I lie basking in the afterglow of my orgasm as the water level slowly drops, inching gradually down my body. Then I heave a sigh and get out of the bath, remembering to retrieve your temporary replacement from the bottom of the tub.

Then I wrap my dressing gown around me and head for the phone, so I can call you and describe in no uncertain terms what I’ve just been up to…


Image copyright Jackie Adshead.

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